Dr. Petersen teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in the general areas of thermo-fluids, combustion, and experimental measurements. Courses that he has taught in the past include: Thermodynamics, Aerothermodynamics of Propulsion, Combustion Science and Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Viscous Fluid Flow, Mechanical Engineering Measurements, Aerospace Engineering Measurements, Mechanical Power Systems, Rocket Propulsion, Conduction Heat Transfer, High-Speed Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics I, Advanced Thermodynamics, Aerospace Measurements and Instrumentation, and Fundamentals of Aerospace Flight.

Provided below are the courses Dr. Petersen has taught at Texas A&M University. Click on the links to download the syllabus for each course.

MEEN 633 Combustion Science and Engineering

MEEN 344 Fluid Mechanics

MEEN 404 Engineering Laboratory

MEEN 474 Gas Dynamics

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